Admired often, this locket which is 925 silver has a 'rickety rustic old treasure from a wrecked ship bound from the fairy kingdom' charm about it. Is has ivy leaves carved out of it which allows aromas to release through them or the powers of the herbs and little keepsakes carried inside. The back has a little rickety gate that opens and closes with a little snap and so your magical spell items can be help inside safely. 

Ivy locket

SKU: 0006
  • Pendant 6cm high and 2.6cm wide

    925 Silver and handmade with a lot of love and there is only one of these been made. Each piece is unique and no two are the same.

    There are ivy leaves cut out of the front and leaves space for aromas to come out if you use a little pot pourri inside with essentail oils! An aromatherapy locket. Ivy has lots of mythology around it, such as, heightened knowledge and enlightenment but really ivy leaves beautiful shape created so much joy and inspires the imagination.

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