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BSc (Hons) Herbal Medicine MNIMH ACHO

Eva Zadah

If you are interested in having a consultation please do get in contact with me. i can help with many chronic medical conditions. I would need to spend some time taking your medical history and then i would be able to prescribe you the herbs also. 

Tropical Leaves

Your herbal prescription will be tailor made to your requirements

Herbal Medicine

We have always lived alongside nature which has provided us for almost everything we need, including our medicine. Herbs, trees, plants have certain chemical elements called phytochemicals which work on our bodies so well, as we are part of the natural world, we are intertwined with these medicines. Fresh clean water, air and food is vital for us, Herbal medicine is often more nutritious as it is wild or grown well, not mass produced and it is full of what we need to heal us on so many levels.


In a consultation I will ask about all aspects of your medical history so that I can get a better idea of the herbs that will work for you most. I will prescribe you herbs that are best taken regularly for a number of weeks and there will then be follow up appointments to see your health progression. There are lots of options for alcohol based tinctures or teas or perhaps capsules taken by mouth. We can discuss this at the appointment.

Taking herbs will help you in so many ways and their health benefits are much more than you'd imagine

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