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Aqua blue natural stone, and two twinkling opals of bright greens and oranges giving a glittery colourful kick. It is all natural silver and stones as far as  I have investigated and so no dyes or manufactured plastics. It therefore is an item that should be treasued with you for years and when kept carefully this piece has got a joyful, purifying and sparkling energy like the breaking of a wave on a warm seashore.

Hawaiian Ring

SKU: 0008
  • Size R. 925 silver and beautiful icy green stone, beryl perhaps but natural colour i have been told. Fresh clean colours like by a gorgeous ocean.

    Opals too 6mm that sparkle bright yellow, and a touch of brilliant red in certain light.

    The ring is 51mm long and there is a double silver wire barrel that can be adjusted slightly to make the ring a little smaller or larger.

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