I am a crystal healer, tarot reader and I make and design silver and stone jewellery, a charm maker.

I have graduated from a degree specialising in Herbal Medicine. I practise my hobbies regularly and I have worked in Camden market, Covent Garden market and various shops and fairs across London.

Immersing myself in the healing world, I find that talismans and amulets are a wonderful way of carrying a little magick with me at all times. They are reminders of exquisite beauty, spells intentions and powers of a charm.

I find that the knowledge of the earth holds me, through the stones, whenever I wear the silver and stone jewellery, wherever I am. There has been many rainy days that have been brightened by an amulet of mine.

Thank you to the stones and to the silver. I can be helped to appreciate and give gratitude to my loved ones and friends, memories and life outcomes.